Tomas and I got married in 2007 on the 7th of July.  It took us a while to realize we had landed a wedding date on one of the most coveted dates of the decade... 7/7/07.  People have asked us after more than a decade of marriage and children if we thought it was because of our lucky date that we lasted this long, in a day and age where happy ever after is a fantasy.  We say "yes" but not the 7/7/07 date, but rather the October 2005 date when we started praying night prayer together.... and haven't stopped yet.

I would not lump us into the rad trad crowd.  We are certainly orthodox traditionalists (orthodox in the sense of viewpoint, not Russian/Greek orthodox).  One weekday, I was running late to noon Mass, and with three children in tow, they made it... just.  When I was telling Tom about it later I said that I felt a little bad because I realized I was still in my blue jeans when she got there, but that is just the kind of family we are "Blue Jeans and Mantillas"

There are things we think we do right, and there are things we know we can do better, our hope is that we can give ideas and encouragement to anyone else who is on this crazy road.

Christ is Among Us!

-Tomas and Hannah Voboril

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