23 September 2019

The Power of a Word

I don't know about some of these companies' mottos and such.  I don't care who makes it my way, or who has the spiciest chicken or whatever the king is doing.  What has made an impact on my life are the simple words of the Saints, calling us to do something better.  St. Mother Teresa's call to respond to Jesus's plea on the cross of "I Thirst" and St. Benedict's rule guiding us to moderation and to strive to do all things for Christ, That in all things God may be Glorified, (Ut in Omnibus Glorificetur Deus); these are real and meaningful, and things I can impress upon my children.  So, ahead of the swish, the apple, or the golden arches, place the words of the Saints; if you paint them on your hearts, you give your children a chance to paint them with their lives.

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