10 October 2019

New Candlesticks

We are approaching a year of our Chapel in its current form.  To celebrate, the most beautiful candlesticks replaced our pewter and rust candlesticks that have chipped and flaked since day one.  I would be intrigued to compare these inexpensive "San Pietro" style candlesticks from Sudbury with some of the older ones I see in various churches.  As far as I can tell, the brass is true, and are every bit as lovely as ones that cost 10s or 100s more.  They are solid proof that if you keep an eye out, you can find worthy things for your home chapel/prayer corner without breaking the bank.  So often the bulk made things for home use are more plasticky and not much better than tchotchkes.

Also, I know in the first picture that the burse is crooked, but my 3-year old insisted on helping last night and he was so proud, I don't have the heart...

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