27 November 2019

Replating and Repair

One of our great treasures from our wedding is a small pewter chalice that was given to us by the Deacon who prepared us for marriage.  It has seen several home Masses and used by some of the priests who have been close to our family.  It is nothing special, except to us.  It is not even full size.  Along the way, we also acquired a sterling silver paten that was gold plated.  Over the years, the paten wore thin, and we were facing replating or replacement.

We looked at several places to replate/refinish and repair our liturgical vessels and decided on Alviti Creations (www.alviti.com).  We could not be happier with the finished products.  We had the Paten finished silver with a bright gold lining, and had the Chalice gold lined.  The person who recommended the company said that he had dealt with several people who had purchased old used chalices and had them refinished and then gave them to their priest sons, etc.  Doing this they can gift a 1k dollar chalice without spending that kind of money.

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