04 February 2020

Candlemas 2020

Candlemas is easily one of my favorite holidays of the Church year.  This year was delightful.  I am afraid I only have pictures of some of the candles and not all the pageantry.  This year, the Feast of the Presentation was also a Sunday and was the Sunday that we celebrate the consecrated religious of our Dioceses.  The Bishop blessed the candles and led a candlelit procession with all the religious men and women being honored this year.  It was wonderful

For our part, I have gotten into the habit of only making the candles we need at a time, and getting them blessed, as needed.  For Candlemas, I made sure to make our Advent candles and our Easter candle for this year.  

We even got out the fancy self-fitting mold maker to fix the ends so they fit our advent wreath a little better.

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