12 April 2020

Holy Saturday 2020

Holy Saturday is always like a mini Lent for us.  In the way we spiritually prepare for Easter all Lent, we prepare for Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday.  Every year, I think I will most of the Paschal Candle before Holy Saturday, but it never really works that way.

We do MAKE the candle ahead of time so that it can be blessed at Candlemas in February.  The gold we use is blessed as part of the Epiphany blessing.

We started making a Paschal Candle for Easter when our oldest was little.  Back then I freehanded everything and used a nail to carve the candle.

 For a 3 x 9 inch candle I use a 4x6 image printed on sticker paper.

I use a craft knife to cut the pattern into the wax.

Then, I trench out the wax with one of the wax carving tools.

The kids use tempera paint to cover the areas that are carved.

We then wipe off the excess.

Some fine work.

To get the gold leaf to stick well, I use two types of gesso.  One of them is to prepare the surface of the wax, the other is to build up a sandable surface.

While the gesso was drying we worked on the chapel.

We use a fitted cover over the altar to attach the antependium.

Chapel set up for Easter Vigil.

The gesso gets sanded down and gold size gets applied.

Gold applied.

Everyone got candles this year...

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